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"What is up, DramaAlert Nation, I'm your temporary host, TyBlue, let's get right into the news!"

-TyBlue's DramaAlert intro.

Ty Blue (Born: January 21, 1997), runs a YouTube news channel known as TyTrends and is well known for being DramaAlert's first ever temporary host.


TyBlue was hired as DramaAlert's new host In mid-2016 with mixed reviews due to the hate Keemstar received from Leafy's fans during the time.

Keemstar would return to DramaAlert after Ty made a departure video (angering some viewers who preferred Ty), and left once again receiving a lot of backlash, allowing Ty to become an official temporary host. Ty grew to be well liked by the community and accepted as weekend host of the show.

As 2017 approached and the hate for Keemstar began dying down, Ty received mixed reactions from DramaAlert viewers, many asking for Keemstar to return.

Ricky Berwick had a collaboration with Ty Blue in an episode of DramaAlert (later taken down).

TyBlue's last episode was uploaded on early-2017 and Sharp tK took the mantle as temporary host.

TyBlue returned once again to fill in for Keem for a single episode on the 3rd of October, 2017.